Entry #1

Hello Newgrounds!

2014-07-02 21:08:15 by HSuits

Okay so Hey! I'm Hailey!
You guys may have seen me lurking about some other sites under various usernames and aliases, but I am essentially the one and only person behind HSuits Productions. I specialize in digital paintings and illustrations, but work in a little bit of everything and am always trying new mediums (unless I find one I like. Then I sequester myself and just work in that for like a year.)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Just don't expect me to answer if they're creepy. Bacause, yknow, creepsters.


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2014-07-02 21:32:52

good stuff, good stuff. recommended!
welcome to newgrounds~!

HSuits responds:

Thank you very much ^^
Happy to be here!


2014-07-02 22:46:41


HSuits responds:



2014-07-03 00:13:06

Really like your artwork, but oh man, the files are too big! If you keep the files below 5 megabytes, older computers and folks who have a cap on monthly bandwidth won't fret looking at them :) If I were Emily Post, I'd say, at full res, the picture shouldn't have to be scrolled in 2 axis (how do you spell the plural of axis? Me neither.)

Shouldn't take too much longer to get scouted....

HSuits responds:

Well thank you. Honestly I didn't even think about people actually wanting to look at them outside of the newgrounds page. I'll try to go back and use the smaller files I have.
I always make my posters/paintings very large for resizing and printing purposes. The larger you paint with higher ppi, the less distortion you'll have when resizing for different print surfaces (for example, they do rugs on Society 6, which are a huge printing surface)


2014-07-03 00:58:21

Oh crap... I just got through watching a psychological horror movie about a teenage girl with your name invading a pedophile's house and torturing him until he commits suicide. Please tell me you're aren't the inspiration for Hard Candy.

btw, I stopped loading your Jaguar submission after 10 minutes and I may have to agree with VicE about your submission sizes being a bit large but if your artwork is high enough in quality, (and I'm still trying to load some of your samples now) then they should be worth the bandwidth.

Oh... and welcome to NG. :)

HSuits responds:

Oh definitely not. Granted if he was a pedophile, he was probably going to meet a sticky end no matter what xD
I'm virtually harmless unless I'm on the ice (I played ice hockey), it's in self defense, or I hurt myself, because I am clumsy.

>.< The Jaguar video shouldn't have been too shabby. I converted it to a flash video with a decently low filesize. It's just a turntable though.
I went in to try and switch out my image files, and I am having a hard time getting the submissions to work. I think something is glitching with the thumbnail maker. But I should have them fixed as soon as possible.