Re-Uploading and Scouted! (Also, a projected content outlook)

2014-07-03 14:59:20 by HSuits

Alright, so I went back and swapped out my files so I wouldn't kill your guys' bandwidth usage. Unfortunately I am having problems with three of them. They just don't want to upload properly. The page refuses to accept the new upload and let me recut the icon, so it won't let me submit the new file.

This applies to Kida, Hailey Balam, and the Jack Frost ROTG Poster. 
I will be trying again later, hopefully it is just a temporary glitch.


Also, I was scouted within 24 hours! Thank you guys for the lovely positive mojo. <3 You are awesome and I hope to share more with you as time goes on. 
I can't promise I will share any of my animation work (I am majoring in Media Arts and Animation) but the still work is more my forte', and hopefully you guys will get the most out of that.

The beginning of this month is going to be slow on new content, I am going to Dashcon in Schaumburg, IL (near Chicago) July 11th-13th! So I am in the throes of Convention Prep. However, after the convention I will be back to work painting and hopefully starting on Hailey Balam novel #2 as well! 

In the meantime, I encourage you to check out my website links in my contact box. You can find my Society 6 and Redbubble where you can get some of my designs on printed goodies, and also some of my more "news friendly" sites with WIP updates on the convention, schoolwork, etc. You can even check out my Patreon if you happen to be interested in supporting my work on a more regular baiss ^^ not necessary but always appreciated.

Catch you guys on the flip side!


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2014-07-03 15:32:25

Hey :).
Let me guess, when you try to upload a new file or change your icon it appears as nothing has changed right? That's because you gotta clear your cache after you've uploaded a new file. It only appears like nothing has changed for you because your browser saves the state the project was in before you reuploaded When other people see the project, the will see the updated version.
But pretty much all u gotta do is to clear your cache after reuploading.
If that dosen't fix it, I would advice you to contact a moderator.
Hope that helped :).

HSuits responds:

It doesn't let me submit the new file at all. I'll upload, but the screen to cut the icon doesn't pop up, so the "Submit" button stays greyed out.


2014-07-03 15:46:48

I like pie

HSuits responds:

That's lovely. I myself and preferential toward apple.


2014-07-03 16:59:22

I like your art style! It stands out a bit, there's a few things off here and there but overall I'm liking it. Keep on keeping on, I'll be keeping an eye out!

HSuits responds:

Thank you!
Depending on whether you are referring to my paintings or my illustrator work the "mistakes" may be intentional.
The posters created in illustrator are purposefully stylized with very curvy linework and organic shapes. So a few details may not be spot on with the source material (for example, the inlay patterns on the Cryptex are not spot-on, but they are still visually appealing and convey the same message.)

The paintings? That is because I have been digitally painting for less than a year ^^' I am still transitioning my line of thinking from hard mediums to digital, and there's still a fairly large disconnect for me when trying to do proportions on the screen instead of on paper. I'm used to hashing everything out with pencil and having more control. But I am working on it!