Shifter Becoming has Launched!

2014-07-14 22:26:37 by HSuits

Shifter Becoming has Launched!
There are currently two ways it is available!
You can purchase just the ebook through amazon kindle here:

Or you can purchase the promotional disk on my website here:
(scroll over the "shop" tab and go to Direct Purchases)

Just the ebook is 5$
The disk is 10$ which includes packaging and shipping.
The disk itself has the following:
PDF Book (Can be transferred to any device)
Audio Chapters 
and Bonus Features.

The book is also going to be available via barnes and noble nook, but their processing is taking longer.


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2014-07-22 19:07:59

Multi-talented huh ? :L Very nice, keep up the awesome work.

HSuits responds:

I'm very, uh, eclectic? ^^'
I retain a lot of information very easily, so I take up a lot of hobbies to keep my mind occupied. I participated in an online text-based roleplay group from 2001 until around 2012, which got me into writing. I also read large quantities. My bookshelf cries every time I add another book.

I do a little bit of everything in art. I haven't actually been doing the digital stuff for very long (maybe 6 months? A little longer? If that?)
But I have worked with everything from oil paints and ceramic clay, to oil based clay sculpture and even origami.

Just don't let me anywhere near Audio. For the love of all that is good. I am audio and muscially challenged.