WIP Wednesday!

2014-07-23 11:57:54 by HSuits


WIP Wednesday! This is an Artist Alley International thing, and I’m going to start posting my WIPs every Wednesday here as well.

Working on book two of the Hailey Balam series.


Oh hey look, a title.

And roughly two chapters. 

I’ll probably work on a speedpainting later and try out this new program I downloaded for video screen capture.


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2014-07-23 12:57:40

I read through the sample of the first book and I might just have to give you my $5 and buy the rest of it :L. I need to start working on some work myself, but I've got my hands full at the moment (new puppy, StoryShift).

HSuits responds:

Oh well thank you! ^^
I've been trying to do more recently. I was really bogged down there for a while but my school quarter seems pretty light so far this time around. (Yay new puppy! I have kittens, two of them. They like to steal my kneaded erasers and hide my pens/pencils/tablet pen)


2014-07-30 15:11:43

It's Wednesday, I'll fully expecting another WIP Wednesday post :L.

HSuits responds:

I did!